Friday, June 14, 2013

Sleeping The Night Away

Sawyer officially slept through the night on Saturday June 8th (Just one day shy of 11 weeks old).

Now, technically he has been sleeping through the night for the last few months according to the baby books that say 6 hours of continuous slumber through the nighttime hours is sleeping through the night. But when he wakes up at 3am for a feed, that's still nighttime for me so I didn't count that. 
He continues to be a phenomenal baby, he eats well, sleeps well, and is just as happy as can be. You can get an automatic smile from him if you just look at him and give him a smile.

I can only think of two or three nights shortly after he was born that he woke up every few hours to feed. For a while he would feed at around 10:30-11:00pm and then 3:00am. Now he feeds around 8:30-9:00 and if he wakes up its for a very quick feed at 3:00 but he has had two nights of sleeping until 6:30. He really likes to sleep late, he wakes up around 6-6:30 eats quickly and then goes back to sleep until 8 or 9. 

A few things I never want to forget...

Living with Hudson is like living with a little tiny comedian 24/7. The things that come out of his mouth crack me up! Heres a few little snippets from the last week or so. 

Let me set the scene.... Hudson was playing in the living room, I was nursing Sawyer in the recliner.

Hudson says to me "Hey Mom, when you're done with your bo bo's (and gestures to my chest)... can you just get me some key toes (Cheetos)?"

Here's another... 

I had been teaching Hudson my phone number, and we practiced it every night. A few nights ago I said "Okay Hudson, lets practice my phone number" and he just rattled it off.... PERFECTLY! I was so proud of him for learning it so quickly I called Matt in to the room so he could hear him. After he recited it (flawlessly again) Matt told him he was so proud and gave him a high five AND knucles. Hudson got SO excited and said "Yep, Yep, I did it, I did it, now gimme all the kisses". 
I realize as I sit here and type this that this is one of those sweet moments that I cant describe with words, it was incredibly sweet, I can only hope that this story in print brings me back to the moment years from now so I can remember how he said it and how proud of his success he was. 
I love this story for so many reasons, the way he said "Gimme all the kisses!" was just adorable but the look on his face, the way he was so proud and excited for learning something that he knew was so important to me just melted my heart. 

Here's one from today...

As I was standing in my closet picking out a shirt to wear for the day Hudson walks in...
Hudson: "Hey Mom! I have a plan!"
Me: "Oh yeah? What's your plan?"
Hudson: "How about you put a shirt on and THEN we go to Starbucks!!!"
Me: "Yes, that sounds like a good order to do things"

Thursday, May 30, 2013

April Photo Dump

Warning: Picture Overload

I can't even tell you how many pictures I have of Sawyer in this exact position. Probably because I hardly eve left the way too comfortable recliner with a nursing pillow on my lap for the first month of his life. 

Dasher is quite protective of his new little brother

Just a random happy kid picture. Not sure why I took this but man my big kid is cute!

"OMG this milk is SO good"

Sawyer and his friend Lily

 We needed a sushi/sake bomber date and we didn't have a sitter so we had 2 cute tag alongs, they were great (and I seem to care a little less about... well... everything after a sake bomber). Don't worry Matt and I just split one, it wasn't like we were drunk with our kids :) put down the phone, don't call CPS yet. 

The April Home Depot Project- a bird feeder

The many faces of my Beanie

Watching airplanes take off at the Chandler Airport

"Im the baby"

This is such a random pic... I took it because Hudson was so dirty after playing in the backyard one night that he actually left a ring of dirt around the bathtub. I love that he loves the outdoors so much. It makes me proud when he plays hard outside and explores.  

One of my new favorite pictures. Sawyer with his two Grandma's

First snow cone

A few nursery pics

My handsome Hudson getting a haircut

This was my first solo walk with both kids. 

First time on the activity mat

Dont let this picture fool you, he will not take a paci but he tolerated it long enough for me to take this picture. 

We had a random COLD day in April, Sawyer got to wear his Beanie from Auntie Shelley

Again, don't let this picture fool you, he does not suck his thumb. But he found it one night and I snapped a picture before he could pull it out of his mouth. He hasn't sucked his thumb since. 

Hudson and his adorable friend Emrie.

Out like a light

I am so thankful that both of my kids got to meet my grandmother Betty before she passed away. I wish they could have known her better and sooner but I'm Just glad they had a chance to meet. 

BIG cousin Dylan 

A little park time with the fam.

The best big brother in the world

Hudson's 3 Year old report card from his well check 

Earth Day 

My Beanie turned 1 month old on April 24th

Hudson went on his first airplane ride to California. 
He LOVED every second of it and thought it was awesome that we got snacks in the sky!

In California at The Bergheim's house having some quality time with his cousin

Aunt Shelly and Sawyer

Aunt Paula and Sawyer

Swimming fun at Aunt Christy's house -- Can't believe I don't have a picture of her with the kids!

We were in full vacation mode

We even got a night out! Christy and David watched Hudson and we went out to enjoy some yummy pizza and drinks.

We celebrated Hudson's real 3rd birthday on April 7th

Hudson and Dylan playing at my Mom and Dad's house

These pictures are way out of order
Here's more pics in California
We found this HUGE dump truck by the beach. Hudson still talks about it.

One of my new favorite pics of this handsome guy

Two of my most favorite people and they both happen to be my Aunts

At the beach on a cloudy evening

We had a fantastic visit with my family